At Momentor, our self-built technology allows us to offer you affordable conversion of 8mm and Super 8mm films into digital video with the best quality you could encounter in this price range. We consider ourselves to be an experienced player in the market having digitalized nearly 100 kilometers of 8mm and Super 8mm films.

An ordinary telecine or copy process performed at home usually causes flickering of the film as it is complicated to synchronize the video and film frame rates. While digitalizing your 8mm film in Momentor, we make a digital copy of each and every frame which makes up the complete video in the end, thus delivering best possible quality and without any flickering.

The digitalized output is provided to you on DVD (as an AVI file) or made available via a private link on the Internet.

The steps performed in the 8mm digitalization process:

  1. Cleaning: if the film is older, it might be needed to remove the dirt which has built up during time.
  2. Glueing: if the film strip is broken, we will fix it in order to run through scanning machine.
  3. Digitalizing
  4. Correcting the colors
  5. Creating the end product: the film is burned on DVD disc or uploaded to Internet.

Price - 0.75 EUR per film meter + 6 EUR per film + VAT 20% + postage cost.
Eg - 120 meter film total cost on DVD is 96 EUR + VAT.

Films delivery
We are a company based in Estonia.
Please get in contact with us to find best delivery method!

We will issue invoice for payment, after the order is completed. Your order will always be invoiced and confirmed with you before anything is charged.


Drop us an email - 8mm at digitize dot film